Eric A. Booth

Americana / Folk Singer-songwriter

Professional Photographer

Research and Evaluation Consultant

Austin, TX


AboutEric Booth is a singer/songwriter in Central TX who performs original and cover Americana, Folk, and *grass-adjacent tunes as a solo artist as well as with music projects 'Barton Hollow', 'The Way Down', 'Ledbetter', and 'Counterfactual' (+ other local collaborations)
Eric hosts a local 'Songwriter Showcase' series and occasionally hosts at several Austin area open mics (e.g., Madrone Coffee Co., Hilton). He is also a burgeoning (mostly band) photographer 📸.
He also has a day job as a researcher and statistician focused on studying the impact of education and public health interventions & policies (spending much of his day at the Stata command line) 



Programming, code examples, lectures, research publications and reports